John Marshall Junior – lawyer

John Marshall came from a family of lawyers  and himself worked in the legal profession, with a connection with courts in Ireland.

He was a founder of the Arlington Baths Club being both an original shareholder in the Glasgow Swimming Baths Company. and on the first Committee of Management of the Arlington Swimming Club.

His parents, John Marshall and Agnes Hill, married in Glasgow on 19 October 1823, and would go on to have five children: David Hill, John Jr, Martha, Agnes and Mary.

In 1851 John Jnr was 17 years old – he was born on 13 September 1833 in Tradeston – and living with his family at 113 Hill Street in Glasgow. His occupation was Writer Clerk.

In the house were his parents John Marshall (58) and Agnes Hill (48). and their children:

  • David H Marshall, 18
  • John Marshall Jr., 17
  • Martha Marshall, 15
  • Agnes Marshall, 11
  • Mary Marshall, 7

They also had two servants.

The Marshall family lived at 16 Sandyford Place between 1852-61 and are part of a family business of writers – which was a role in the legal profession – called Marshall, Hill & Hill, of 41 West George St., agents for the Family Endowment Society of London. Family endowment societies were insurance companies set up into which parents would pay an annual fee and the annuity would be paid out as the child became of age to pay for expenses such as education or ‘fitting out’.

John Jr. is also on the 1858 Electoral Roll, listed as living at 16 Sandyford Place with offices at 41 West George Street. And the 1861 census shows that he was living there with his family:

  • John Marshall, 65
  • Agnes Marshall, 55
  • John Marshall, 27
  • Martha Marshall, 25
  • Agnes Marshall, 21
  • Mary Marshall, 17

His father is described as a retired writer and James Junr, has also become a commissioner for Irish Affidavits. At this time Ireland was part of a union with Great Britain.

In the 1866 electoral roll he is listed at 74 Hill Street, Garnethill, but still with offices at 41 West George Street. At some point after 1866 -1871 John Jr. leaves Marshall, Hill and Hill, though the company continues on as R & J. M. Hill, later becoming R & J. M, Hill, Brown & Company.

By 1871 John Marshall Junior (37) lived at 3 West Princes Street (now 16 West Princes Street) with his sister Martha (35).

Post Office Directory 1873-74

He lived here between 1866 -1875 when signed the articles of incorporation for the Baths in 1870.

He was still working as a ‘writer’ with his office at 168 St Vincent Street. One of his professional roles was commissioner for the Irish Courts of Chancery and Common Law. 

Post Office Directory 1879-80

In 1879-80 he is in the Post Office Directory with an office at 93 West Regent Street and living at 7 Kew Terrace.

He obviously had a long career as a lawyer and lived in Glasgow for much of his life. But we’ve not managed to find any more information about him and we don’t when he died.

Researchers: Will Jess and Lucy Janes


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