The original building

Our original building was constructed by John Burnet between 1870-71 and formally opened on August 1st 1871.

The building consisted of:

  • Entrance Hall
  • Pond Hall and gymnastic equipment
  • Dressing Room
  • Senior & Junior Baths
  • Committee Room
  • Pond Office
  • Service areas and staff accommodation

So far we haven’t been able to find the original plans but by modifying plans that we do have (for an extension in 1893) we have reconstructed in the picture below what the building must have looked like when it first opened.

Mock up of the1871 elevation

The building is an example of modest classicism, single storey – a piano nobile – with a sub-basement below where the service areas are kept. It displays a theme of division by two and punctuation by three; iSELRES_57cbb336-c353-44a3-99d1-58721d915169SELRES_bdb271a9-c47d-4fe4-9b7d-3b73806b62a8SELRES_bdb271a9-c47d-4fe4-9b7d-3b73806b62a8SELRES_57cbb336-c353-44a3-99d1-58721d915169IIt has two wings from the central entrance and windows are grouped in threes.

The fa├žade is polished ashlar (finished sandstone blocks) with modest ornamentation.



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